Headshot of Katie Melbourne

Space policy researcher
systems engineer, and
advocate for gender minorities in STEM

Hi! I'm Katie Melbourne. I grew up in Bettendorf, Iowa and
I am now an Aerospace Engineering grad student at CU Boulder.
My career goal is to work on the development of space policy
that will ensure continued access to space for decades to come.

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Graduate School

As an aerospace engineering masters student at CU Boulder, I have taken coursework on astrodynamics, algoirthm development, and project managment in addition to doing research in a space domain awareness laboratory.

Picture with the JWST logo

James Webb Space Telescope
Systems Engineering

I helped commission the James Webb Space Telescope as a Wavefront Sensing Scientist at Ball Aerospace. I was on shift in the control room throughout the 24/7, 4-month mirror alignment process.

Picture of control room at La Silla Observatory in Chile

Aerospace Engineering and
Astrophysics Research

As a graduate research assistant, professional engineer, and undergraduate intern, I have gained essential technical skills that I will apply to all my future work.

Picture of the US Capitol Building at dusk

Space Policy

I have explored my interests in space policy through an internship at NASA, in the classroom, and through engaging in the public comment process for agency rulemaking.

Trailbuilding in action

Outreach and
Community Involvement

I am an active member of my community, both in supporting minorities in STEM and volunteering as a companion for the elderly, helping with trail reconstruction in Colorado, and supporting events of local nonprofits.

Writing and Featured Articles

Explore below for a sample of recent articles
relevant to my mission in STEM.